Our Story

Sander came into contact with insects as food of the future and was quickly convinced. Insects have many environmental benefits over traditional farm animals and are eaten all over the world except in the West. After eating whole insects both in the Netherlands and in Thailand, he was not convinced that he was prepared to include insects in his daily diet in this way.

George is a fanatic athlete and therefore has a great need for protein with a good nutritional profile that his body can absorb quickly. However, he was looking for a high-quality, environmentally-friendly alternative to the products he ate until then.

George and Sander have known each other for years and one day the two stories came together and the idea came to work with insects. After working with different insects in many different ways, we came to the conclusion, a burger made from crickets. This soon proved to be successful. Crickets are those cheerfully chirping creatures in the South of France and a citizen likes everyone!

With the Cricket-burger, we lower the threshold for people to chose for insects. With a delicious and nutritious burger, we want to ensure that insects in Europe become part of our daily diet!